Working with Dr. Stephanie Daniel

The way that Dr. Stephanie Daniel works with patients differs considerably from the conventional medical model to which you may be accustomed. Please read the following information thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the process

As a new patient, your treatment is provided into two phases:

Phase 1

Appointment 1:  Intake Appointment with Dr. Daniel for up to 90 minutes

  • This initial appointment will be in person
  • We’ll discuss details of your intake questionnaires
  • Understand the story around your health and goals 
  • Address how Dr. Daniel and her team can help you reach your goals should you decide to proceed

At the conclusion of your first appointment, if you decide to proceed by enrolling in our program, Dr. Daniel will

  • Review any previous testing or consults you have had in the past as part of a comprehensive case review*
  • Order appropriate labs to gather more information about your health
  • Provide you with a visit summary that outlines testing, initial dietary recommendations and a foundational supplement protocol to begin your treatment plan.  

**If you have any past labs or previous consults that have been part of your health journey Dr. Daniel would like as much of this information as you can provide, as she will conduct a thorough and comprehensive analysis of everything. This can offer a tremendous amount of value as we won’t have to repeat unnecessary testing and she can also see where the gaps are in the care you’ve received thus far.

Dr. Daniel is known for being the ultimate medical detective, intensely thorough, leaving no stone unturned. She also has a group of functional medicine physician colleagues with various expertise, whom she can consult should someone in her network have additional insight to offer. 

The cost of this appointment is $595.

If you decide to continue your work with us, you will be enrolled in either our Advanced, Disease Reversal Program or, if you are healthy and just looking to optimize, you may qualify for our Essentials Program.


(If you opt not to move forward, we completely understand. This process is not for everyone and we know that in order to be successful, you have to be willing to show up fully for yourself through the whole process. This means staying on track, doing what it takes and putting the effort in that is required to achieve optimal health.  We believe that health is a fundamental birthright, available to everyone, but also acknowledge that when it has been compromised, it can take attention, commitment and diligence to provide the circumstances the body needs to find it’s way back to full health again.  This means changing not only our diets, but sometimes our environment, our relationships and even our limited beliefs.  We will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.)



Maintenance Plan: You may hereafter, go into a fee for service plan to continue at the following rates:

Dr. Daniel Rates
60 minutes $450
45 minutes $375
30 minutes $250 (special cases only)
15 minutes $150 (special cases only)

Lisa Deptula, Physician Assistant
Rates 60 minutes $250
45 minutes $200
30 minutes $150
15 minutes $100

Functional Nutritionist/Health Coaching
Rates 60 minutes $150
45 minutes $125
30 minutes $90
15 minutes $50

Health Coaching Functional Nutrition

This process can feel overwhelming or complicated and invariably, questions arise. Our health coach and nutritionist has specialized training and it's her role to first introduce you to the practice flow and foundation setting nutrition advice and guidelines we give to all of our patients.

We structure this as an initial 45 minute session plus 30 minutes per month thereafter, as long as you remain an active patients*.

Our health coach and nutritionist is also available to field questions related to the protocols being provided to you, can answer questions about certain supplements or just be available for general guidance, support or clarifying steps.

We encourage you to utilize her services as a way to stay on top of things. Momentum with this stuff can matter and get your better faster and more affordably than letting things drag out for months and months.

She can be reached via portal message and is also available for a video call as part of being our patient.

Functional Nutritionist/Health Coaching
60 minutes $150
45 minutes $125
30 minutes $90
15 minutes $50

Ways in which Dr. Daniel can work with you.

Dr. Stephanie can address a wide variety of imbalances including: fatigue, mood imbalances, menstrual issues, peri-menopause, menopause, gut dysfunction, thyroid and adrenal problems.
With specialized training in natural hormone balancing, she also understands the many unique issues facing women today and the effect stress and the environment can have on your health.

For women and men who are otherwise healthy, with no major complaints, but who may be going through hormonal changes that warrant bio-identical hormone support, this option may be right for you.

All patients receiving hormone replacement therapy are REQUIRED to have lab testing and follow-up at least twice yearly to maintain your prescriptions

  • Not as much energy as you used to have?
  • Feeling like you are using coffee or alcohol to keep you going and get you to sleep?
  • Issues thinking clearly, or just noticing less stamina than in years past?

The Male Vitality Program is here to address mood imbalances, fatigue, digestive issues, insomnia, brain fog or low libido that have you feeling less than your most vital self. Get your edge back, increase productivity, performance and happiness with the MVP.

We’ll start with a full assessment of you, including a medical history, lifestyle assessment, your health goals and hormone and micronutrient blood testing, genetic and stress assessment in the saliva and digestive and immune function with stool testing and then will recommend a personalized protocol to optimize your vitality.

With our findings, we’ll customize a personalized plan that will dial in your nutrition, fitness, stress management and optimization of your hormones, brain chemistry, immune and digestive systems. 

All patients receiving hormone replacement therapy are REQUIRED to have lab testing and follow-up at least twice yearly to maintain your prescriptions


Drawing on years of research and the latest information about how nutrition, toxins and genes play a role in the ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy, Dr. Stephanie is on the leading edge for optimizing your conception plans without the need for synthetic drugs or expensive IVF procedures. 50% of infertility is unexplained, but research indicates that it’s likely due to more subtle imbalances in nutrient density, hormonal imbalances and genetic factors. Dr. Stephanie’s proven 5 pronged approach addresses Nutrition, Detox, Genomics, Hormone Balance and Spiritual-Emotional considerations so you can go on to have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby!

Getting ready for a healthy conception and pregnancy is something that takes a bit of discovery as we consider all factors that have likely not been looked at before.  Therefore, it is recommended that patients interested in the Drug-Free Fertility participate with our Functional Nutrition Health Coach as well.

Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) is a drug used in lower doses for off-label indications.  It is prescribed as a pharmaceutical at much higher doses to treat opioid withdrawal and similar conditions, but at a much lower dose it has immuno-modulating effects.  This means it increases the production of immune cells called T-regulatory cells, which reign in overactive or dysregulated immune cells.  It can also be helpful because it promotes motility in an otherwise deficient migrating motor complex, one of the issues implicated in the cause and recurrence of SIBO. It has very few side effects and is very safe, but can take up to 6 months to be fully effective.  It is compounded medication and has the beneficial side effect of raising endorphin levels, which can help alleviate pain and anxiety.  Currently, Dr. Daniel has experience treating patients with LDN for the following indications:

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain (not on opiate pain medication ), Infertility, Autoimmune Diseases such as MS, Crohn’s, RA, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, psoriasis, etc., Lyme disease, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), Chronic Fatigue and more.
Hormones are my favorite topic and I address hormonal imbalances of many varieties like PMS, peri-menopause, libido, menopause, thyroid, adrenal and blood sugar regulation with lab assessments and natural and integrative interventions including herbal therapies, nutritional precursors, bio-identical hormones and lifestyle modification.

Included in the list of hormones I look at are sex hormones, like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, adrenal hormones like cortisol and DHEA and metabolic hormones like insulin, leptin, growth hormone and thyroid hormone, amongst others.

The interplay between these hormones is vast and complex and I do my best to interpret your lab assessments to offer you and your body exactly what it needs to come into balance.

Diagnostic Discovery takes you through the complete process of a functional medicine assessment, leaving no stone unturned. You may have a mystery illness that has yet to be diagnosed or a challenging condition that has not achieved sufficient resolution with treatments you have used thus far or where the current treatment you are receiving is limited to symptom management only. If you’ve been to many doctors or alternative practitioners looking for answers to your symptoms, but have been unable to find a meaningful diagnosis or treatment plan that has worked, Dr. Daniel has extensive experience in finding avenues not typically utilized.

We can assess whether even more advanced specialty testing would offer more answers and guidance for a course of action and when necessary, involve rigorous research efforts to further analyze your case, plus access to a case conference review with colleagues from the Bay Area Functional Medicine and referrals as needed to domain experts when appropriate.
While Dr. Daniel has specialized skills to identify the root cause and formulate personalized plans that get people better, there are no guarantees for expected outcomes. We do our best, however, to ensure that we are working with patients we have confidence in being able to help resolve or with whom we foresee being able to make a significant impact. This may apply to you especially if you have unexplained neurological symptoms, inflammation or a significant loss of function or suspect something like a mold illness.