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Functional Medicine SF is a personalized medicine practice focused on root cause resolution, restorative healing and optimizing health span. We use your personal life story, your medical history and your data to create the most complete picture of your health. With this information, we can provide a personalized plan for you to follow to optimize your health and health span. Health span is a term used to describe the period of life spent in good health, free from chronic disease and disabilities of aging.

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Our patients see long-term improvements.

She is the most thorough and comprehensive doctor I have ever seen. She is incredibly smart and takes a whole picture approach and treats the roots and doesn’t just put band aids on the symptoms.

Megan D

San Francisco

This is a place for partnership.

We know change takes time and we will be with you every step of the way. We will partner with you to pave the path and provide the guidance you will need to support your transformation in reaching the full potential of your health and well-being.


We are here to bring valuable, evidence-based insight to your condition, expert education, and supportive guidance while you implement a personalized plan to achieve optimal health. We are deeply committed to helping you reach your highest potential of well-being and will offer ongoing resources and support for your success.

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Your Story

There are so many clues in your personal narrative of the potential life factors that may have contributed to your current state of health over the years. It actually starts before you were conceived, beginning with the genetic blueprint you inherited from your ancestors, through the time of your conception and development in utero and into your life from infancy to adulthood. We’re interested in all of these details, along with the personal insights you have about yourself, all of which inform the variables that may be contributing to your current health status. No detail is too minor and we can’t wait to hear about you.


As necessary, we may recommend the use of pharmaceutical or over the counter medications, most often temporarily, to help in achieving a particular health goal. Generally speaking, however, there is an emphasis on avoiding medication in favor of nutritional, lifestyle and natural alternatives. For certain medications you may already be on, when appropriate, we can help you discontinue or minimize your dependency on them, if and when the timing is right in your health journey. Commonly available medications used in this practice can also include male and female hormone replacement, thyroid medication, low-dose naltrexone, peptide therapy and others.

Your Lab Testing

Functional medicine testing can include a broad array of options. We use blood analysis, comprehensive stool and urine tests, as well as sometimes saliva testing to provide insights about aspects of your microbiome, mitochondrial function, hormones, including thyroid and adrenal, nutritional status, cancer risk, metabolism, level of toxic burden, immune function, genetic susceptibility, intestinal permeability (leaky gut), potential hidden infections and more. If there are particular types of tests you’ve heard about or are curious about, we’re happy to discuss them with you and provide education about the usefulness and benefits of doing certain types of testing.

Your Medical History

We will review your full medical history, inclusive of any prior testing that may be applicable. Along with your story, this will guide us to proper lab ordering and ensure that we don’t do any unnecessary or duplicate testing, while ensuring that we are filling in the diagnostic gaps that may have been missed or never considered for you before.


We offer personalized supplement recommendations to address deficiencies and to use as interventions for which we have measurable outcomes. The goal of using supplements is to correct imbalances and resolve the condition, and are not meant to create a lifelong dependency. We do not believe in creating a lifestyle dependent on supplements or nutraceuticals. Outside of a few exceptions, they are used as tools to help improve or resolve aspects of your condition and in the context of the broader path you will be following for your healing.

Brain Retraining Coaching

Part of successful habit change involves supporting the nervous system to allow it to settle into a state that invites optimal healing. We offer coaching with our Brain Rewiring Coach, Michelle Karaman, who can teach you and help personalize a variety of rewiring practices that will make your transformative health journey more successful. Over the years, this has proven to be one of the biggest keys to success for our patients.

Nutritional and Health Coaching

We offer nutritional guidance and health coaching to help you implement lifestyle changes and follow the personalized plan we provide for you. Your health journey with us can include appointments with our nutritionist and health coach, Micki Contini, MS, BCNC to support you in your healing efforts.

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