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Working with FMSF

Initial appointments are  made via the patient portal in MD-HQ (once you have registered)

We will email you an invitation to our secure, online medical record system (MD-HQ: Patient Portal) where you will be able to fill out our new patient intake form and other details. You are required to complete your intake forms prior to scheduling.
Please upload any prior lab results, supplements and medications you may be taking to your “Patient Portal” in MD-HQ.
Established Patients will be scheduled by a team member. 

Membership fees apply to all included appointments.  You will not be billed separately at the time of your appointment.

If you are late for your scheduled appointment you will be seen for the remainder of your scheduled appointment time.  

Phone/Video Appointments:

Functional Medicine SF offers patients the ability to communicate via the videoconferencing platform,, if, the arrangement is agreed to by both parties.

Zoom places security as the highest priority in the lifecycle operations of its public and hybrid cloud networks. Zoom strives to continually provide a robust set of security features to meet the requirements of businesses for safe and secure collaboration.

Host and Client authenticated meeting: A host is required to authenticate (via https) to the Zoom site with their user credentials (ID and password) to start a meeting. Client authentication process uses a unique per-client, per-session token to confirm the identity of each participant attempting to join a meeting. Each session has a unique set of session parameters that are generated by Zoom. Each authenticated participant must have access to these session parameters in conjunction with the unique session token in order to successfully join the meeting.”

For more information about security and privacy, please see:


I have been informed of and understand the risks and procedures involved with using the videoconferencing technology, I agree to the terms listed above and I hereby voluntarily consent to the use of for sessions with my provider. I agree that Functional Medicine SF should not be held liable in the event that any outside party passes’s security and discovers personal or confidential information.

***  You must provide your consent to be able to use Virtual Video Appointments  ***

Phone or video consultations are available for patients who live in or out of the area after scheduling your initial appointment in person. Phone/video appointments will follow the same fee schedule. Virtually all services that can be done in person can be done via phone or video consultation. Lab tests can be ordered that can be performed in your area, and we may also order medication from your local pharmacy or that can be shipped to you.

To ensure that each patient understands their commitment and expectations and to increase our quality of care we would like to point out the following:

  • Follow-up consultations must take place per Dr. Daniel’s recommendations.
  • Continual failure to comply with protocol recommendation timeline will result in dismissal from Functional Medicine SF.
We are a membership based practice.  All patients will be enrolled in a predetermined membership level.  Details for each level can be found on our website through Become A Patient>>Working with Functional Medicine SF.

Functional medicine works to identify the root cause of particular symptoms and then uses a personalized approach to help your body restore balance.  All new patients are placed in the New Patient Membership and will meet with Dr. Daniel monthly as well as Micki, our patient support, nutrition and detox coach and with Michelle who teaches powerful and effective modalities for helping to rewire aspects of your nervous system that facilitate optimal healing and well-being. 


The 90 minute initial intake appointment with Dr. Daniel will focus on the review of your medical history, health goals, current lifestyle habits and symptoms and to identify the type of testing that is needed to further identify the root cause.  At the end of the initial visit, you will leave with lab orders that may include blood testing, urine testing and stool testing. Whenever possible, Dr. Daniel does her best to order testing that is available within your insurance coverage plan. For PPO based insurances, most blood testing is covered at an in-network lab such as Quest or LabCorp. We do offer cash pay through our office for patients who do not have adequate insurance coverage. Initial blood testing panels for patients with no coverage or minimal coverage can range from $500-$800.  Dr. Daniel will order specialty testing as well that can include but are not limited to organic acids testing for $289, urine hormone testing for $240, and comprehensive stool testing for $379.  Some insurance providers offer coverage for some of the testing. Generally speaking, we can get a lot of information from a complete blood panel and comprehensive stool analysis.


The second visit will be scheduled for 60 minutes, to ensure enough time is available to review all of the lab work and implement a comprehensive and personalized plan.  The third and fourth appointments will further personalize and customize your plan based on multiple factors that will be considered and monitored. 


Thereafter, the number of visits and time in between visits is dependent on the complexity of your case, how quickly you want results and whether or not there are medications being used that require titrating to the optimal dose, as is the case with hormone replacement or thyroid disease.  Generally speaking, how effective the protocol is and how quickly results will be achieved is often reflective of the complexity of your case and the amount of time, attention and commitment you put in to the process.  Each case is evaluated by Dr. Daniel and each patient is recommended the appropriate membership level based on case needs.  


Functional medicine is just as much about removing hindrances to imbalance as it is about implementing personalized dietary changes, lifestyle changes, micronutrient replacement or hormone balancing and we are in partnership together on this process. Please expect a minimum of one to three year commitment to achieve lasting change and set your expectations and budget in line with that commitment.


We are very much invested in you achieving the goals you desire and want you to have every opportunity to experience the difference. In the ideal situation, we have an intake and testing phase where we assess the issues, an initial intervention phase to implement a personalized protocol, a monitoring phase, when minor adjustments if necessary can be made and a reassessment phase, where we see how well the first layer of intervention did in achieving your health goals. For the vast majority of cases, you can expect a 50-100% improvement after this process. Diving back in for round 2 will be required and necessary if your goals weren’t fully met or you have new goals you want to work on, in which case we usually proceed with more testing and implementation of a new plan or direction.

Functional Medicine SF does not accept insurance. We provide a Superbill, which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement if you have an insurance that provides an out-of-network benefit. If you are unsure, call the member services number on the back of your card and inquire about your plan. You can let them know you are planning an appointment with an out-of-network physician and want to know what percentage of your visit will be eligible for reimbursement.

Common codes used for appointments include 99205, 99215, 99214 and 99354.  

For virtual appointments, we use the following code most frequently: 99443 and 99444.

Again, HSA and FSA accounts are accepted.

Portal Messaging communication with you will be limited to answering questions regarding side effects or clarification of therapy.

Any communication that requires clinical decision-making will best be addressed during an appointment.

The best determinant is: does your question require a “yes” or “no” answer. If so, portal communication is welcomed and your inquiry will be addressed within 48 hours.

Dr. Daniel receives many inquires and won’t always be able to respond to your updates or to messages that are not related to your current regimen.

When time allows, she will do her best to answer quick questions, but this is not guaranteed. All communication should be done via our secure Patient Portal messaging system once you are an established patient.


If your inquiry seems to require a change in your protocol or you are experiencing new onset of different symptoms, this usually indicates it is time to make a follow-up appointment.

Email from current patients will not be responded to.  Please send all communication through secure messaging in the Patient Portal.

If you are out of state and have not had an initial in person consult, Dr. Daniel can still work with you on a consultative basis. This means she can take a look at your history, lab reports and current treatments and advise you on how she would approach your case if you were her patient. She can make suggestions for further testing you may need, and offer suggestions for interventions and changes to your regimen that could further support you in finding optimal health. She cannot, however, order labs or prescribe medications unless she has seen you at least once in person in her office. Many out of state patients have been able to achieve the optimal wellness they are seeking by working with Dr. Daniel in conjunction with their own doctors who can follow the recommendations offered to them.

We are a registered Medicare Opt-out facility