Awesome Tuesday — collaborations coming for IWW

I need to share with you how amazing Tuesday was — breakfast started in San Francisco at the W Hotel where I met the amazing Sara Plummer of to talk about the vision for IWW and help her edit some fantastic articles she’ll be releasing soon from some of my recent talks she attended on stress, sugar and the morning latte dilemma. In addition to being media savvy and a talented writer, Sara is also a private yoga instructor and relationship coach and is in the midst of finalizing her upcoming book about sex, love, what women want and the male brain. Title still pending, but I guarantee, you are in for a treat and a whole new way about thinking about relationship.

After a brief interlude of errand running — must get new mascara ;-), we ventured to Adina Niemerow’s fantastic new intimate kitchen and dining space in the Mission district where she is building community around food and wellness by hosting workshops, dinner events and cleanses. Adina is the author of Super Cleanse and is an accomplished holistic chef and nutritionist quickly realizing the next iteration of her success with the opening of her latest creation. Sara filmed a quick segment with us about our upcoming collaborations and alignment around empowering people with the knowledge of Food As Medicine. Adina and all her offerings can be found on her website: She has an upcoming Get the Glow Smoothie workshop on May 28th that shouldn’t be missed and we are looking forward to our collaboration and bringing you all more offerings to live a healthy, sexy and vital life!

Hungry again, Sara and I popped into Gracias Madre (Mission and 18th Street, SF) for some lunch and enjoyed the most delectable, vegan, organic Mexican fare — zucchini enchiladas, kale, sugar snap pea and roasted mushrooms with garlic tacos — yum!

Parting ways, I ended my day with some tea and the delightful company of Mia Cara of Mia Cara Wellness ( Mia is committed to guiding women to a more vital, sexy and healthy life by teaching them how to eat and make lifestyle changes. As a former attorney, she turned her own health journey into her passionate offerings as a nutritionist and health coach. Rumor has it, she is also a gifted raw chocolate chef! When we met up today, Mia was on Day 29 of her latest Master Cleanse — wow — and couldn’t have looked more radiant and happy. Enjoying her tumeric tea with it’s potent anti-inflammatory properties, it reminded me about the priority I needed to make in getting my own nutrition and lifestyle back on track. I’m gearing up for my own liver detox as I’ve begun to cut out the gluten again 100%, and will be blogging about it as soon as I start.

Please check out these amazing women and their offerings they have for the world and stay tuned for our creations together.

Dr. Stephanie

Sara ( Adina ( Mia (




















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