Our Berkeley Detox begins March 27 – sign up by Thurs. 3/21 for $50 off!

Detox Berkeley CA New Dawn Wellness Intuitive Women's Wellness Dawn Preisendorf
Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Sleep Better – our Detox begins Mar. 27.

Have you noticed your energy dropping while your weight refuses to do the same? Is good sleep a distant memory? Do your hormones – or mood – just feel out of whack? If so, it might be time to hit the reset button and detox. Join our in-house nutritionist, Dawn Preisendorf, for a real-food detox program beginning Thurs. Mar. 27 at our Berkeley offices.

With group support and compassionate facilitation by Dawn, you can reclaim a fiery metabolism, all-day energy, and a good night’s sleep in a mere 28 days. If you’ve been chasing the next “sure-thing” diet, relying on a caffeine lifeline for energy or trying to detox on your own without being able to stick to it, this detox program may be for you.

Participants usually feel an immediate energy boost during the detox and lose weight if that is their goal. Plus, good sleep and balance have the chance to return to your life. You’ll also learn life-changing eating and lifestyle practices you can use to look and feel great long after the program is over.

Space is limited and early-registration pricing ends this week, so check out our Berkeley detox program today.

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