Dr. Daniel has that cellular, whole body approach.

Jessica B.I happened to walk by Dr. Daniel’s office and saw her A-frame sign on the sidewalk. I’ve never before chosen a health provider withoutgetting referrals but my intuition told me to go with it and I’m very lucky that I did. I’d been completely defeated about my inability to lose weight despite eating very well and exercising.

Via blood tests, Dr. Daniel identified a number of imbalances that my regular docs did not and could not, because of the traditional way they practice. (And I’m grateful for that kind of healthcare, which is fantastic for acute, specific conditions, e.g., cancer, but not, as I have found, for total body, interrelated and inchoate complaints, e.g., low energy.) Just a couple of my imbalances were the ineffectiveness of the thyroid and estrogen medications I had been on. Dr. Daniel fixed the types and dosage. Even a good calorie is not just a calorie when your chemicals are out of whack.

My experience has shown me that my mind and body are really my mindbody – completely intertwined. My thoughts are dramatically different when my chemistry is different. Spiritual explorations, personal growth work, therapy, social bonds, nutrition, exercise – I have experienced all of these as compromised when my very cells are compromised. Dr. Daniel has that cellular, whole body approach.

– Jessica B.

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