Dr. Stephanie’s First Day of Metta-Morphosis

Dr. Stephanie’s First Day of Metta-Morphosis

I am completely blown away. Neka Pasquale, founder of Urban Remedy and Adina Niemerow, holistic chef and nutritionist and my long-time friend, created the most perfect, complete, whole foods, organic, cleanse. It is amazing! From the delivery (it shows up at your door), to the online content that’s easy to access, to the layout of the food itself, no detail has been left out.

It’s so simple – if you have even an inkling to try it, I urge you to do it now!! I’m so inspired, I’ve been gifting it to a few friends. 

Here’s my recount of Metta Day 1

As instructed, I started with my gratitude list–

I’m grateful for:

-How loved my daughter is by all the people in her life.

-The privilege I have to guide my patients back to their state of optimal wellness.

-For having nature right in my backyard.

Then, before getting out of bed, I did the 5 minute meditation by Dana Damara.

It was so exquisite. What a beautiful offering. I had some tears melting as I realized how much we (societally) neglect the most important of things: ourselves. So many of my patients, my partner, many of my friends are in this frenzy of busy that we aren’t having the joy we deserve. This is so simple yet one of the hardest habits to cultivate. I’m probably one of the worst cases of this, but turning that around right now and you can, too. Give time and space to you. You are worth it and you do deserve it. It’s amazing to me, how just a few focused minutes can turn your whole day around. 

I drank my first green juice for breakfast, then my second later than morning and shot back my tinctures of Detox and later De-Stress. All flavors were bursting with life – I could feel my cells just soaking it up. 

meta - 1 - green

The juices in the morning, before noon, allow for mimicking of an intermittent fasting state, which research has shown does wonders for boosting your immune system, increasing the activity of detoxification and supports optimal bowel motility, which is an underlying issue in the condition called Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

There is a pre-lunch movement video to follow, but given my current injury (many of you have heard about), I was unable to take part in it. 

At lunch-time, I was ready for my Mediterranean Salad, which was so filling and delicious – cucumbers, tomatoes, the olives and perfect greens – I don’t recall what type the dressing was, but it was hearty and nourishing – maybe tahini and cashew based.

I had to get back to work, so the daily inspiration video with Shauna Shapiro will happen soon, but I did do the shot of Inflamm-Alleve, a deliciously odd blend of turmeric with cayenne and pineapple and a cup of herbal slimming tea. My system was so responsive, the tea and the juices were acting as a natural diuretic, letting go of excess fluid that can cause bloating, especially during PMS.

      meta - 1 - counter 2 meta - 1 - cunter-1

At dinner time, I was ready for the Veggie Pho. Compared to my typical, Paleo-inspired way of eating, I was worried I wouldn’t get full, but I wasn’t hungry all day. The pho was so nourishing, served warm and every flavor was blending on my taste buds in delightfully, unexpected ways. So good!

I headed back to work from my laptop and Zoomed into our monthly functional medicine journal club meeting, the Bay Area Functional Medicine group. We have been meeting for over 4 years and were all eager to catch up with each other and the topic of the evening was covering mold illness. With how rainy it’s been, the number of patients, friends and family this environmental illness has been affecting is astounding and I’ll write a post on what’s going on with that soon. Needless to say, if you are one of my patients who are dealing with this, you know what I’m talking about (and it is resolvable)!

The last part of my Day 1 was to be done before bed. I grabbed my Blue Ice Milk made with cashew milk, adaptogenic herbs and a type of spirulina, which gave it the beautiful, baby blue color, cinnamon, etc. and enjoyed that. So yummy!


I stuck my ear buds in for a beautiful night-time grounding meditation and day 1 was complete.

Sign up for the Metta-Morphosis cleanse HERE

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