Dr. Stephanie’s Final Metta Cleanse Update

fmsf-metta-day5-aThe actual 5 day Metta-Morphosis Cleanse is done. What a beautiful experience. Simply because of my own journey, I’m moving forward incorporating more of these plant based foods into my otherwise, Paleo-inspired ways of eating. I’m still modifying the breakfast, with my favorite eggs from the girls, but today’s theme, goes back to abundance. Something talked about in one of the meditations you’ll get to hear if you opt to participate.  And I don’t mean financial abundance.


These 5 days of pausing and turning inward in this way has given me a new way of appreciating abundance. In spades. Abundance of time for me has made me a more abundantly available mother, partner, doctor, colleague and friend. There is flow. There is space. I wish this feeling and experience for all beings everywhere and for all of you.

I can see how hard some of you are working to cultivate this. I’m touched by being able to witness your own transformation and I’m doing my best for those of you are on still on your way there.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll dive into some more practical tools I’m exploring and want to share with you. 

Stay tuned!

Dr. Stephanie

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