Dr. Stephanie’s Metta Cleans: Day 5


Dr. Stephanie’s Metta Cleans: Day 5

Today is supposed to be the final day. I started per usual with Dana’s morning meditation, but my plans for having the morning to myself to be with me and get some work done were foiled by my partner who didn’t sleep in, and a spunky 6 year old who woke way earlier than usual because she found herself alone in my bed, having come for snuggles the night before! Such sweetness, but even with the best of intentions to having at least 30 minutes to myself this morning, life happened instead. So, I had to recalibrate — and it was still a beautiful, productive, delicious day. 

Being able to roll with the punches and adjust back into flow when your plans go awry is a great way to keep down stress. Life gets lifey. That’s inevitable. But we don’t have to grip or struggle because of it.  Changing your perspective and reaction will allow things to go much smoother. And if it feels like things are constantly out of balance, getting in your way, harder than they need to be, it may be a sign you need to step back and evaluate where you can let go of certain things.   

To say Metta-Morphosis has been life-changing to help me gain this insight, is an understatement. If you are ready for it, I invite you to take the plunge. You won’t regret it! 

And for those of you who think I’m becoming a vegetarian, or are worried that I no longer support or believe in Paleo or Paleo-inspired or many other appropriate and worthwhile versions of nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory ways of eating, don’t fret. It’s not black and white like that and there are ways of eating for varying lengths of time for different states of being that have their place. I’ll dive into that another time and our nutritional recommendations when working with us are tailored to your process and your preferences as you move through your health transformation.  Cleansing is meant to be a finite experience with a phase of reintroduction for foods that are nourishing to your body as it heals.  


Love and lightness,

Dr. Stephanie 

PS: I’ll tell you a secret.  I did cheat. Last night. I ate a sushi roll from my favorite place in Fairfax. And yes, I paid the price for it for now. Lesson learned. Not time for that yet for me.  But no guilt, cheating is human. No need to beat yourself up if it happens. Just hop back on and keep going. Remember, zero judgement, let it go.

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