Metta Cleanse – Day 4 from Dr. Stephanie


Metta Cleanse – Day 4 from Dr. Stephanie

Last night’s meditation was so appropriate as the theme for healing the sciatica has been on sending life force, Mother Nature, grounding energy into my lower body. The affirmation involving the body is the biggest lesson for me in this past month. Despite being mindful of what goes in, neglecting of it in movement is what created this. Where do you neglect or deny movement in your life. The excuses ran long for me, but essentially came down to being “too busy.” Do you do that? Time to stop!!

Then today, Dana’s guided meditations spoke straight to my soul. How is it that I’ve not known of this woman before? The colors brought in to today’s meditation were of lavender and gold. Purples and golds are two of my favorites and I deliberately chose a shade of lavender as part of the FMSF logo representing the crown chakra, or higher self — a wish I have for each and every one of you to experience. 

This morning is now day 4. The desire for anything but the nourishing foods is gone. They feel so alive, assimilating well, full of nutrients and life-force giving energy. I’m not sure for the moment that I will go back to it being much different, it’s been that profound for me. It doesn’t have to be for you, but I hope, if you try it, you’ll realize how worthwhile it is to have more of these plant based foods in your life. I still want eggs from the chickens outside, I still want fish, but, where before, I would have firmly planted myself in the category of what I was calling Paleo Inspired, that seems to be slipping further away.

The other gift of doing this cleanse, is that it’s all written out, done and directed.  That I simply don’t have to spend any thought on what to eat and when is such a relief as trying to figure that out all the time was a drain. Here, it’s all mapped out. And simple. And did I mention delicious?



Dr. Stephanie

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